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Quo Vadis Realtors’ Websites?}

Submitted by: Bob Ward

From the outset, there is no doubt that there will be a substantial increase in the use of the internet by all participants in the real estate process.

Currently, you can search for properties to buy, sell, permanently rent or holiday rent. You can also pay your rent online, download contacts online and much more.

According to Shane Dale, Managing Director of Australian real estate agent website developer, http://PropertyMode.com.au, there will be a greater move towards an interactive experience where buyers can search for property, then apply for and obtain a loan, or make an offer directly online. The acceptance of these interfaces will grow and people will feel more comfortable with this format.

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Email homefinder systems will be the way to do the property hunting and they will be provided by the agents, with a deeper search criteria.

Realtors will act as consultants, who submit the search data into the automated finder systems for the client. The shortlist is then sent, as the properties are listed, to the buyer, who can then choose which ones are the most suitable to actually inspect.

Buyers will be able to assess the market in minutes by using a quick search of all properties on the market. Obviously this will impact on the role of the real estate agent, if information is so freely available?

There will be an enormous convergence of mobile phones, PDA and mobile internet access and this will dramatically change the way properties are presented.

Mobile phone penetration is much deeper than home computers and they can give instant access to information anywhere. Its even fashionable to use them for data services and real estate will be involved in this, especially in property management.

Its still a little early to see the clear trend for real estate with mobile phones, but they are definitely going internet now. You can already see the use of sms home finder notification systems, that are really quick. As a buyer, you know when a suitable property comes on the market within minutes of listing, wherever you are. Mms will add photos and text data to that service – even virtual tours are available on mobile phones.

In conclusion we can expect substantial changes to the way in which the real estate sales and rental processes are conducted via the internet and as a result of this, the future role of realtors in these processes.

About the Author: Bob Ward, an Australian real estate agent, is a director of real estate training and public relations consultancy,




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