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Friday, March 17th, 2017

The History Of Order Matics Point Of Sale Systems Technology}

The History of Order-Matics Point of Sale Systems Technology


Ethan- Luke

The foundation of successful American businesses over the last half-century have been built on ingenuity, innovation, communications, and sustainability. A growing consumer culture and an expanding work ethic has given rise to new technologies, new business types, and new demands for communications. Only businesses, like Oklahoma Citys Order-Matic, have been built to last through the decades, and have truly sustained the American dream.

In 1955, Order-Matic was founded in the garage of W.B. Cunningham, where the first ordering system was built for his friend Gene Wades business. The company was built on ingenuity and innovative equipment based on the needs and demands of their customers. Over the past 55 years, Order-Matic has grown into one of the top electronics companies in the restaurant industry.

The post-WW II era spawned a new wave in American culture, and a new model for American restaurants. As the popularity of family sit-down waned, American drive-ins became all the rage, and with this new way of consumption came new demands for communications and technology.

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As ordering systems were introduced to American drive-ins throughout the 1950s, Order-Matic began producing their own innovative equipment to meet the business needs emerging in Oklahoma City. By 1960, Order-Matic had 40 Order-Matic Ordering Systems at Hollies Drive-In in Oklahoma City.

Throughout the 1970s, Order-Matic introduced menu phones to the table, which sped up order taking and promoted convenience to the customer. One of their features was the backlit menu, a constant advertisement throughout the dining experience. Businesses utilizing Order-Matics innovative equipment increased their overall ticket sales.

The 1980s introduced Order-Matics first Point of Sale system, providing a spring-board for them to market themselves as a one-stop shop for complete quick serve restaurant equipment. Monitor systems were introduced to speed up the order process by eliminating tickets and Priority Switchboard was developed, allowing drive-in employees to answer customers as they call in on a priority basis. Order-Matic also introduced AV times as a tool to monitor take, make and delivery times for restaurants.

Order-Matic continued to innovate and build sustainable restaurant equipment, introducing the Order Confirmation Unit in 2003. The Order Confirmation Unit featured a climate control operation that continued to work efficiently through Oklahomas unpredictable weather.

Order-Matic is still creating new ways for restaurant to best serve their customers, through ingenuity and sustainable communications equipment. They have a workforce of 160 employees and two campuses in the greater Oklahoma City area. The company has received several distinguished awards for their equipment. But the greatest testament to their innovation is that other companies within the industry have attempted to duplicate their Point of Sale systems. It just goes to show that Order-Matic continues to be the industry standard.

The future of Order-Matic continues to be based in what they can do to better serve customers. Fifty-five years after W.B. Cunninghams first ordering system, Order-Matic now offers customers cutting edge touch-screen order technology, surveillance systems, order-confirmation units and innovative graphic solutions. They are constantly improving customer service with nationally located sales and service technicians, on-line parts ordering and nationwide product seminars. At Order-Matic, the past, present and future merge everyday as they strive for new ways to help customers maximize their business potential.

Ethan Luke.

Point of Sale Systems

– Order-Matic has manufactured POS and communication equipment for over 50 years. We offer a product line that not only includes POS solutions and wired and wireless communication concepts, but menu boards for inside and outside signage. We also provide digital surveillance systems that provide 24-hour security and managerial peace of mind. Our plant consists of a graphic design an

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The History of Order-Matics Point of Sale Systems Technology