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Thursday, September 8th, 2016

What Does Being Grounded Mean And How Can It Profoundly Affect Our Health?

What Does Being Grounded Mean And How Can It Profoundly Affect Our Health?


Beth Montana

Quite possibly you’ve heard the latest news about the importance of being grounded. When I first stumbled upon that, I wasn’t quite certain what that meant, so I did some readingnd discovered that being grounded actually means being electrically connected to the earth.

So what does that mean?

Well, to start with, we need to be aware of the fact that the earth is covered with free electrons and these free electrons are attracted into our body at the speed of light, the exact moment we touch the ground barefoot.

This fact was in fact discovered a long time agoduring the telegraph days when they were first digging telegraph poles into the earth. What they discovered was that the earth itself was completely covered by electrons that were all negatively charged and that had the effect of preventingoxidation in our bodies. What medical studies havenow discovered is that health issues originate when we are disconnected from that natural negative charge – as a consequencewe are then more open to oxidation and we then are then much more likely to develop inflammatory issues.

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Just recently, a panel of scientists and medical doctors have been studying all the major biological markers in medicine – like our heart rate levels, our heart rate variability, our cortisol levels, our respiration levels, our white blood cell counts, and our Bilirubin levels – and tried to arrive at a conclusion if there is a difference relating to being grounded (meaning being in contact with the earth via bare skin somewhere on our body) and not being grounded (meaning wearing rubber soled shoes, or on anything that insulates us from the earth’s electrical forces).

The overall conclusion was a resounding “YES”!

There is, in fact, a HUGE difference in ALL of our body’s major biological markers between being grounded and being ungrounded.

The underlying rationale for this is that our planet itself is negatively charged whereas the atmosphere surrounding us is positively charged. The majority of the health conditions that we suffer from in our society nowadays, have now been proven to be linked with having an overload of positive charge in our body. In other words, we have a shortage of electrons.

When our bodies have an OVERLOAD of positive charge, then the result is that too much oxidation (corrosion) occurs in our body, plus there’s a certain amount offree radical damage that occurs and a stealing of electrons. What that means is that we have a shortage of electrons when our bodies are in a state of being oxidized.

When we are ungrounded and insulated from the earth’s natural electrical force (eg, through the rubber soles of our shoes), the result is that we happen to be more exposed to free radical damage, and we will age more rapidly.

So is ther something we can do to stop it?

Luckily the answer is YES and it is actually quite easy!

Just by doing something as effortless as walking barefoot on the soil, or on the sand, or on the grass, you are becoming grounded. What about cement? Some cement is grounded, but also, some isn’t. This is because of the polymers present in brand new types of cement nowadays which may act as an insulators. Generally speaking, though, cement especially old cement, IS grounded. It is conducting energies through itself from the inner earth, up into your body.

What other ways are there to become grounded?

When you are in contact with a tree, you are also grounded, because the tree is a living wood, (not a dry, dead wood like the floors in your house). It has electrolytes and water in it and therefore it is conducting electricity and yes, it can make you grounded.

If you touch a metal pole that is dug down into the earth, you are also grounded.

Whenever you are in a body of water, for example the ocean, a river or a lake, then you are instantly grounded.

It’s that painless! The foremost thing to remember is that the more you can become grounded, the better you will feel. Whichever inflammation you suffer from will be reduced, the less intense your pain will be, and the longer you will live. One other crucial thing I want to mention, is that a large amount of pain, especially pain of the chronic sort, is a result ofan excess POSITIVE charge.

Whenever we stand on on the earth barefoot, or do any of those other things mentioned above, we absorb that negative charge, and it straight away starts to flush away the positive charge. It starts to add electrons to that positive charge and inside less than 50 minutes our pain can melt away.

So, for your health’s sake, make certain you take time out eachday, to ground yourself. I’ve shown you how easy it is, so go barefoot for a while, whenever you can, even if it’s just for 15 minutes – let your body reset itself by getting grounded. You’ll instantly feel the difference.

For more information on getting grounded, visit David Wolfe’s grounding video that will clear up any doubts you may have about this concept in more detail (just scroll down the page a little to find it). He talks about how being grounded immediately alters our pulse rate, our respiratory rate, blood oxygenation, and immediately detoxifies us and normalizes our pH. It’s truly fascinating! Discover for yourself the wide range of positive outcomes grounding has on our bodies and begin getting grounded TODAY!

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What Does Being Grounded Mean And How Can It Profoundly Affect Our Health?