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Monday, December 5th, 2016

Gps Tracking Device For Kids Safety}

GPS Tracking Device for Kids Safety



Whatever be the schedule of the parent, safety and security of the child is the top most priority of any parent. Near or far, in home or at park, in shopping mall or in school tracking the movement of the child accompanied with servants, maids and drivers is impossible. Leaving the kids with strangers can be another risk factor for the child. Criminal records have proven time and again that in most of the crimes against kids, it’s a close alliance that is associated.GPS Tracking Device for kids

can provide the much needed sigh of relief to the parent.

Other unforeseen dangers like anti-social elements is just an add-on to the already grim situation. Kidnapping, molestation, murder, sexual and mental abuse are some of the heart ranching news that we daily go through in newspapers and digital media. We really cannot do much to change the situation overnight but we can surely save our kids from falling in such traps.

How the GPS tracking device for kids does operates?

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The GPS tracking system runs on the basic platform of navigation system through Global Positioning System. Wherever the carrier is the device attached to him constantly sends signals to the geostationary satellites. These signals are shot back to the modems, servers or applications. These signals are then intercepted and decoded. Then the real time coordinates of the carrier are sent to the registered phone numbers or email id in form of SMS or emails. The advanced tracking system also promises real time live tracking. By this means the family can check the location of the carrier with the Google map at the backdrop.

Markets are flooded with a wide variety of tracking systems. Each company offers advanced features to make the device as much useful as possible. GPS tracking devices for kids are very easily available in form of bracelets, watches, belts, buttons, I-cards or other portable devices which can be easily carried by the child. Parents can get their hand on the most affordable device depending upon their requirement. There are various factors which needs to be considered while finalizing one device for yourself and kids:

1.The GPS tracking device for kids should atleast maintain a database for 3 months which can be referred back any time without any hassle

2.The magnetic field radiation should be at its minimum considering long usage of the device by kids.

3.Advanced version of software needs to be installed. Latest software ensures proper functioning of all features and a more better experience for usage

4.As kids are carefree, expecting them to take care of the belongings can be too ambitious. Hence the tracking device should be portable and waterproof so that the child can live his childhood and tracking device should continue providing the security cover

5.The device should be compatible with major operating systems like iOS and android. This helps is error free connection and increases the compatibility for SMS services and emails too

6.The device should have a long battery life to be able to fight against odd situations even with low battery

The advantages vis–vis the features provided are endless. Apart from providing peace of mind and relaxed life to the parents and family, it also brings to you various other unmatched features:

1.The real time coordinates of the child are sent to the modem or server without any disturbance of distance or location. On the road, in the school, in park or being hidden in an isolated place or basement, GPS tracking system does its work of sending accurate location coordinates very swiftly

2.The device is so portable and silent that no third person will ever get to know that the child is carrying a safety device

3.Emergency calling button or panic button are two brilliant features. When the child is trapped with no way of communication still the family can be notified by pressing one panic button. SMS alerts will be sent to the family asking for help with the real time location of the child

4.Geo-fencing: With this technique the parents can mark the safe and unsafe zones. Parents are notified instantly if the child steps out of the safe area or enters a restricted area. Alerts with the locational information is sent to the family

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