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Saturday, January 7th, 2017

How To Choose The Right Online Network Marketing Program

By Asep Komara

Online network marketing

has a lot of benefits over any other business technique. First you have more chances for success, as the result completely depends – not on your boss’ mood or your company’s position on the market – but on you: your talents, persistence and business activity. Secondly, you don’t need to invest all of your money in it: while traditional businesses charge for rent, supplies, employees, taxes, insurance, advertising etc, online network marketing requires less costs to get into. Finally, both the Internet and MLM are the future, that is why running an online network marketing company is not only profitable but also safe and effective: by establishing your network you get a constant income.

The key point to consider while engaging in

online network marketing

is to choose the right program. Opt for a wrong one – and you may lose your money and credibility for years. Select a good program that, however, doesn’t fulfill your expectations – and you are likely to waste your time. The fact is that you should choose the program that would work best for you, and the following tips clarify how to achieve it.

– First of all, learn as much as possible about the online program you are going to join. What reputation has it established in its niche? Who are its clients and partners? Are they satisfied with the collaboration experience? Take your time to perform such research.

– Once you are sure the company is ok, it is time to focus on the product it sells. Is it on demand? Do people need it? Actually, would you buy it yourself? Try to understand that even the best marketing strategies won’t work if you don’t believe in the product. So, choose programs with quality and proven products.

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– Concentrate on the customers policy of your program. Most companies that achieved the top positions are customer-oriented, ensuring the highest standards of services and support. Such an approach isn’t altruistic, in fact: managers realize that clients represent a source of income and their attitude is critical for the business’ prosperity. If the online network marketing program really cares for customers, it will grow; that means it is the right program, and you can join it.

– Another crucial factor is the selling price for the program’s products. The more affordable the price is, the higher income the whole campaign will finally bring: people adore the magic combination “quality and cheap”, and between a fair price-tag “$60” and “$59.99” they are likely to choose the latter, even if there is practically no difference between them. Study your program’s pricing policy beforehand to know whether it will attract prospects or frighten them off.

– The price range is also important for recruiting. If the company sells elite products it is likely to charge much for getting into, so the circle of potential members is limited. Taking into account that recruiting is one of your incomes (and who knows, maybe expanding the network will bring you the highest profit), you should pay particular attention to how catchy the current program looks for other candidates.

– Study your niche. Are you sure that our program’s product is exactly what the market needs? Are there many competitors in the industry? In other words, what is the competitive level of your online network marketing program? Take your time to learn more about its promotional and/or advertising campaigns, as well as on the way the company positions on the market.

– How deep is the tier system of your online network marketing program? Most often MLM representatives earn commissions up to the third tier. So, by creating and expanding the down line you get a steady revenue, and such advertising cliches as “earn $$$ while you sleep” and “income for life” will become reality for you. Learn all ins and outs of your program’s tier system to know how you can monetize through it.

– Find out what commission rate the program offers. That’s one of the key factors, however, if the program’s product isn’t on demand, or if the company has a tarnished reputation, the commission rate doesn’t make sense, because in that case you won’t manage to realize your profits. Apply the above tips to your online network marketing program and, if it complies with all of them, ask about the commission rate.

Choosing the right

online network marketing program

may be rather time-consuming. As a rule, by the moment you finally find one, you have already learned so much about the industry, that you become a real MLM expert. All in all, knowledge and experience that you gained while selecting a good program will help you in business.

About the Author: Asep Komara Sanjaya is a freelance writer and a webmaster of

Online Network Marketing

site. http://www.website.ws/freedombucks/show and

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