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Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Marketing Strategies To Identify Potential Customers}

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Marketing Strategies to identify Potential Customers



Online marketing is the promotion of your products and services by means of internet and other commercial portals. Since most of the people are internet savvy, business entrepreneurs prefer online marketing. The convenience and affordability of internet has increased the online sales and promotions.

First and foremost, every business entrepreneur should identify the potential customers by defining to whom, Where and How to market their product and service. They need to put into practice the market segmentation.

They need to study marketing strategies as follow:

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Demographic Segmentation: Age, sex, Ethnicity, education, occupation, income and family status etc are demographical variables which influence purchasing power of the buyers.

Geographical Segmentation: Location, population density, climate circumstances will influence the demand for the product and services.

Behavioral segmentation: The behavior of the buyers differs from state to state and country to country. Marketer should study and analyze their behavioral patterns to promote their products/ services. The behavior of the buyer can be sensitivity, benefits provided by the product or service, brand loyalty, price, usage of the product, need of the product, durability of the product etc are considered to buy a product.

Psychographic segmentation: The values, attitudes, norms and life styles of the buyers should be carefully analyzed. These psychological patterns also influence the buying nature.

Once the market segmentation is done, plan out how to capture the potential buyers by making use of online and offline promotional media. There are so many media available to transmit any kind of information. You should be prudent to choose available media to push them in to the market.

Online Media: Internet is the online medium, where most of the people are compatible using internet for the search of products and services by browsing with keywords and titles in the specific region. The search engine will fetch results based on the query searched by the users. The online entrepreneurs should do keyword research by using Google free keyword suggestion tool to know the volume of the users for that specific keyword. SEO experts will analyze good keywords which suit your business operation. There are paid forms of advertisement in the internet. Your ads on the internet is noticed by clicking on the pop ups ads. When your ad gets a click by the unique user you are paid by the search engines.

Offline Media: Press, Billboards, Outdoor flexes, radio, television etc, are offline media which are notably important to capture the audience and to create awareness of the products and services.

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Marketing Strategies to identify Potential Customers