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Friday, April 21st, 2017

Can I Set Up My Trampoline On Uneven Ground?}

Submitted by: Roger Ramjet

This question is a very important question and can be critical when it comes to your familys safety. You can put your trampoline on uneven ground and we will discuss how you can do it in this article.

1st Option Dig Your Trampoline In

This is quite a simple operation and it basically involves digging your trampoline legs into the ground on the uneven surface. We recommend only digging a trench the width of the trampoline frame itself and only a few inches deep. This means then that you are able to drop that part of the frame down into the trench you have dug and it will level the trampoline out.

Things to look out for though are, make sure the trampoline is not dug too deep into the ground. This can easily be done and you have to take into consideration the travel distance of the trampoline bed while in use. The best thing to do is have a few people stand on the trampoline bed and then measure the distance from the frame to the bottom of the sag on the bed. This will give you some idea as to how deep you can sink the trampoline. When you have dug the trench, its best not to fill it once the trampoline is in. This will allow the trampoline frame to move while in use which is what its designed to do. If you seal the trampoline into the trench you make cause frame flex and damage the trampoline itself. Overall it is quite a simple procedure, with the right tips on how to do it. We have written a similar guide that may be of use regarding how to sink your whole trampoline into the ground. This article can be accessed here:

2nd Option Use A Trampoline Anchor Kit

A trampoline anchor kit is a useful tool which is cheap and efficient, its basically made up of tie downs and an anchor screw. This means that you can secure the trampoline to a slope using the tie down system and anchor it to the ground screws. This is the most popular option over digging a trampoline trench and certainly a cheaper option. When securing the trampoline anchor ensure that you sink the ground screw into firm ground, which in turn means that the screw is secure and will not give when under stress. When purchasing the trampoline anchor kits, we recommend that you purchase 2 or more kits as the more you have the safer the trampoline will be.

In general we recommend that people think carefully about setting a trampoline on uneven ground as it can cause injury to the bouncer if not set up properly. However if done properly the trampoline can be a great source of exercise and fun for the whole family. The simplest way to put your fears no rest and to receive the right advice is to call up a trampoline specialist who will be happy to talk you through the process and ensure that your family stays safe.

About the Author: Trampolines are a popular source of exercise and fun, our advice is geared to help your family stay safe and have fun.




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