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Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Deactivate And Resolve Pain Trigger Point With Massage Therapy At Therapeutic Massage Spas In Blaine

Deactivate and Resolve Pain Trigger Point with Massage Therapy at Therapeutic Massage Spas in Blaine



There are trigger points in the body that cause pain when activated. This pain is often mistaken as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, sciatic symptoms or angina pectoris. It is, therefore, very important to be diagnosed properly. If trigger points are the actual cause of pain they can be deactivated by massage therapy. You can ask for this from a trained massage therapist who gives various massage modalities such as reflexology massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy, sports massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy at a professional therapeutic massage spa in Blaine, Anoka County, Minneapolis – St Paul MN.

Dr. Janet G. Travell discovered and mapped out trigger points in the body in 1942. She published a significant number of papers and books on the treatment of such trigger points. Eventually, Dr. Travell became the personal physician of US President John F. Kennedy whose chronic back pain she was able to treat successfully.

Trigger points are contracted nodules located in tightened bands of muscles. By themselves they already cause localized pain. In addition to that they also radiate or refer pain to other parts of the body, even to distant body parts.

There are several types of trigger points such as active and latent trigger points, key and satellite trigger points, and primary and secondary trigger points.

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An active trigger point refers pain actively to at least one other point in the body. When pressed, an active trigger point is painful.

A latent trigger point does not actively refer pain to any other body part. When pressed, it may not be painful. Pressure or strain may, however, activate a latent trigger point. Even a latent trigger point could result in poor coordination and balance.

When an active trigger point is deactivated it just becomes latent. One should therefore go for complete resolution and not just deactivation.

A latent trigger point can be created or activated by pain referred by a key trigger point. This latent trigger point activated by the key trigger point is then called a satellite trigger point. Deactivating or completely resolving the key trigger point also deactivates or completely resolves the satellite trigger point.

Primary trigger points, on the other hand, activate a secondary trigger point through biomechanical means. If the primary trigger point is deactivated or completely resolved, the secondary trigger point is not affected.

The massage therapy used by trained massage therapists to address trigger points is called myotherapy. The therapist finds the particular trigger points of the client and uses deep prolonged pressure to deactivate and completely resolve these. After the trigger points have been resolved, the therapist stretches, elongates and relaxes the muscles and fascia through their natural range of motion. This helps prevent recurrence of the trigger points.

Make sure that you get treatment from a therapist who has been genuinely trained in trigger point massage therapy because the trigger points will not be deactivated and completely resolved without the proper techniques, proper pressure and length of application of pressure. If too much pressure is applied for too long, the trigger points could even get bruised, latent trigger points may be activated or new ones could even be created.

Resolving existing trigger points is not a guarantee that new ones will not develop. This can be prevented from happening, though, with regular massage therapy. You have a choice from among various massage therapy modalities such as reflexology massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy, sports massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy given at professional therapeutic massage spas in Blaine, Anoka County, Minneapolis – St Paul MN.

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