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Monday, November 7th, 2016

Various Roof Covering Materials As Advised By Premier Roofing In San Diego

By Melissa Smithen

Roof consists of two parts as we know and the supporting roof structure is made from sturdy and strong materials like timber, stone lintels, steel, iron beams or reinforced concrete. These structures are mainly built to support the weight of the roof.

The second part of a roof is the outer layer or covering that provides the protection from the elements like the rain, wind and from the heat of the sun. This part of the roof is the one that shows great promise in terms of choosing variety and design. However, this is very dependent on the type of material used.

Historically and even geographically the roofing material used by man can be classified into natural and man-made. First is the natural roof materials used by man such as thatches made from grasses, bamboos and timber.

These types of roofing are called as the vegetation roofing because they are totally made of plants which are wide spread in that area. The San Diego roofing contractor will say that these natural materials are good and equal when compared to those of the materials which we use now days in our homes today.

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Belive it or not a thatch roof which is made up of sea grass will even last up to forty years or even more. Even now there are lots of people who still prefer using these roofs even if there are various alternatives available. The other natural material is the bamboo which is very popular mainly in the east because they are abundant. Bamboo roofing material is made up of the bamboo stalks which is nothing but a kind of giant grass.

You can use the bamboo instantly to make a roof by itself or as a supporting structure that holds the roof. The people use the spilt bamboo which is divided into half and alternately lays these to form the outer layer of the roof. If you want to get various designs or patterns you can make the pieces juxtaposed or made to overlap each other.

Timber is often used as the outer layer of the roof if the wood is abundant in that region. If you want to have a add design and decoration to a roof you must use wooden shingles. In these wooden shingles you can use the thick parts of the bark of a tree are also used as an outer layer or covering of a roof.

In the 20th century you can use the shingles as they are very popular to use. These new shingles can be used for more than twenty years. This life span is for the thin shingles and if you consider the thicker shingles the lifespan can reach a lifetime in certain cases and so you can understand how sturdy these materials are.

If you see the layers of shingles are worn out, the entire affected layer is stripped off together with the underlay and the nails. Only when you do this properly the installation of new layers of shingles can be done completely. When you are to do this you also check whether the under layer material is still safe and weather proof.

In order to save time and effort in doing the repairing work for the worn out shingles it is just enough to place the new one over the damaged shingles. They can use a underlay beneath as it does not have any negative effect on the structural soundness of the roof and it is fixed using a nail. But the negative is that the inspection cannot be carried on to see the damage of the worn out shingles. In the later days these may create all intents and purposes will be a source of leak from the uninspected area. The widely known premier roofing San Diego will never suggest using this method of roofing.

Another very dependable material for use as an outer layer of a roof is slate. In most part of the world, slates are the preferred choice not only of designers and engineers but most importantly of home owners. This is because a slate roof can last for seventy five to one hundred years. Some instances were also observed that this can last for much longer period of time. This is notwithstanding the fact that slates are also subjected to the demands of the elements.

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