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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

The Sexy World Of Tiny Micro Bikinis

By Tim Staines

So, whats a girl (or guy) to do when he/ she cant (or doesnt want to) go completely naked, but wants a minimal tan line, and that oh-so-sought after feeling of freedom and sensuality?

Enter. The tiny micro bikini

Lets not get too excited here, after all- a tiny micro bikini is a bikinibut so much less!

(Ok, now your heart can start racing)

The bare minimum is key here, as only enough fabric to cover the naughtiest of parts is provided. Fabric tastefully put together with dazzling designs, clinging tightly to the beach goers well toned figure.

To understand the micro bikini, you should first understand its origin.

YouTube Preview Image

It all started out as a legal technicality, in the early 1970s, when nudists in Venice Beach found themselves banned. It seemed some of the townsfolk didnt appreciate all that human form crowded together in one place. After all, what would their visiting friends and relatives think of such erotic sun frolic?

Not to be outdone by the law of the man, beach enthusiasts began piecing together their own bare minimum attire. A leaf here, a cut up piece of sock there, maybe a strategically placed doily for good measure.

It wasnt pretty (or maybe it was), but it was legal.


A local shopkeeper decided to cash in, and began making the super teeny bikinis with more fabric stability than the natives. As you can imagine, there were probably more than a few wardrobe malfunctions at the time.

Customers responded, the micro bikinis began to find their niche, and sales were brisk..

Then, adult movie stars began displaying the fashion statements during their work on the small screen, and the rest is history.

For bathing attire that boasts so little, the freedom and expression felt by fans that wear and admire them, is boundless.

This is definitely a case of good things coming in small packages when you think about it.

Hardly any tan lines here friends, and the chance to show off that perfect figure youve worked so hard on, all while remaining beach legal at the same time! Getting noticed when youre out basking in the glow of the Sun will definitely not be a problem once you slink into one of these little numbers.

The best place to catch a peek and purchase some of these microkinis for yourself, or someone you love (or want to love), is: http://thecheapestlingerie.com.

Youll find the most titillating colors and styles available on the market today, at very reasonable and super sexy prices!

Theres so little to love, try not to get lost in the pictures as your picking out your favorite must have microkinired ones, blue ones, black ones, you can practically taste the rainbow of seductive summer time fashion just by surfing your risqu little hearts content at the cheapest lingerie.com.

Youll definitely make them sweat with this purchase, and you have the shameful modesty of our forefathers to thank for such a provocative and practical piece of fashion.

The moral of the story on micro bikinis: less is definitely more!

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