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Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Cedar Pc Computer Wholesalers: Refurbished, Affordable But Rugged.}

CedarPC Computer Wholesalers: Refurbished, Affordable–but Rugged.



CedarPC Computer Wholesalers, located in Chantilly, and Vienna, VA, offer a wide variety of factory refurbished desktop computers and laptops at wholesale prices. Why buy new when you can purchase the right computer for your needs at a fraction of the price? CedarPC carries a complete inventory of refurbished computers online; one needs not live in Virginia to take advantage of their cheap prices and selection.

In these tough economic times, buying a refurbished computer makes sense. Some consumers want only the latest models straight from the shelves of their local big box retailer. However, for most needs, a refurbished PC will perform admirably. Consider that a recent model desktop or laptop carries similar specifications and build quality as a computer bought new. Even an older netbook will more than suffice for checking email or surfing the web. If you know your needs in advance and have done your research, refurbished computers provide a bargain in that you need not buy more computing power than you know you will use.

Moreover, you may well find that for most tasks, such as text processing or updating a web page, a computer even a few years old will handle such demands with ease given the increasing horsepower of PCs. Refurbished PCs include repaired or upgraded components, ensuring an extended life cycle. Dont forget that purchasing a refurbished computer means that one less piece of hardware will take up space in a landfill. Buying refurbished is thus an environmentally responsible decision.

Buyers need not be wary when purchasing a refurbished computer from CedarPC. Trained experts inspect all hardware and repair any and all damages before resale. One can shop with confidence when buying a CedarPC laptop or desktop as the hardware has already been confirmed to perform as new, with new components included as needed. Refurbished computers thus pass all relevant quality control checks. These are not open box specials in which a customer returns a computer and it goes straight back on the shelvesoften with a minimal markdown in price. You can be assured that a refurbished PC performs as well as a new machine.

CedarPC also carries surplus and liquidated computers from major manufacturers at cheap prices. The current economic downturn has left many companies with no options other than to close up shop. Liquidated computers are often part of a bulk buy and great bargains can be had, with some computers literally never used. These name-brand office workstations perform like true workhorses and feature robust components. Designed for continual use, refurbished office workstations come from an array of well-known vendors including HP, Compaq, Gateway, Sony & Toshiba.

CedarPC also carries the latest models for those who have in mind a specific consumer desktop, laptop or netbook from major manufacturers including Dell, Acer, Toshiba, HP and others. In addition, they also carry tablet PCs as well as a wide variety of peripherals including cabling, cases and more. With so many options, buying a liquidated or refurbished computer remains a sensible, cost-effective decision. Consider CedarPC Computer Wholesalers for your refurbished and liquidated computing needs.

CedarPC Computer Wholesalers sells

wholesale refurbished laptops

and desktop computers at excellent prices. Factory Reconditioned laptops and reconditioned computer netbooks at crazy discounted wholesale prices with warranty. Huge selection of Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, IBM and other laptop computers.

Cheap refurbished computers

at liquidation prices, why pay retail, when you can get it for less.

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CedarPC Computer Wholesalers: Refurbished, Affordable–but Rugged. }