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Sunday, April 9th, 2017

How To Open A Coffee Shop Part 3 Your Unique Selling Proposition}

Submitted by: Byron Michaels


In Part 3 of our series we’ll talk about how to find your unique selling proposition.

Your unique selling proposition, also known are your unique selling point or USP, is the one thing that will really separate your business from the rest of the pack. It’s what gives businesses their identity in the marketplace so that they can build their brand. And branding, after all, is Marketing 101.

To find your USP simply take a look at what you have to offer. You’ll be opening a coffee shop, so you must decide what will be different about YOUR coffee shop that makes it stand out from the rest. In other words, what will make customers choose your coffee shop over another?

You may be so consumed with the details of getting things off the ground that maybe you won’t see it right away. The big picture gets a bit blurry and abstract if you stand too close to it, so it helps to take a step back from things. After all, we all have trouble seeing the forest for the trees sometimes.The thing to do then is put yourself in the place of an outside observer and view your business in that light.

Even better, though, is if you take a look at another franchise as that outside observer. (Which as a matter of fact, you are.) See if you can spot their USP. Any successful entity employs a “hook” that they grab new customers with. These range from the subtle, or even subconscious cues to the bold and obvious. It could be a catchy tune, a slogan, or even a commercial.

YouTube Preview Image

Dunkin Donuts had a great ad campaign years ago, you know the one: “Time to make the donuts”. The message was that Dunkin Donuts was so tirelessly committed to making their donuts and coffee that their people would get up well before dawn to make sure they would be fresh for your breakfast. Brilliant.

Even the modern day mega-giant Starbucks has a quirky side. Check out this commercial of theirs:


Etertaining isn’t it? But it makes a point: “Starbucks coffee is ready when YOU are.”

Would you believe that McDonald’s is in competition with Starbucks?

Check out this McDonald’s commercial:

That, my friends, is a USP.

You may be wondering if there is room in the marketplace for your own USP. The answer is in what the others are NOT doing. Think of a unique angle that no one in your area has touched on. Determine what gaps the competiton has left open and pinpoint ONE of those to make that your USP.

Some Ideas:

1. A international selection of premium coffee imported from far off places.

2. The best coffee and more

3. A donut and coffee in under a minute

4. Sip coffee in the lap of luxury

5. The coffee is always hot here

A good catchphrase will really help your business take off.

To YOUR Coffee Shop Success,

Byron Michaels

About the Author: n independent reviewer of online educational materials, Byron has written a

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