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Sunday, December 4th, 2016

A Look At Shoes All Women Should Have}

A Look At Shoes All Women Should Have


Gregg Hall

Women’s shoes come in innumerable styles and colors and a lot of women think they must have them all!

In reality, there are some necessary women’s shoe styles and colors all women should have and to keep it effortless for you we are going to give you a guide that will help to make the process easier.

The first shoe on our list of indispensable women’s shoes is the low heel black pump. This shoe is perfect for those occasions when strapped sandals are inappropriate or even to refined, like for an early dinner or business meeting. These comfortable women’s shoes are essential for every woman.

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Next, you need a pump that is of a neutral color, no white. These will pretty much cover what the black pumps will not.

You will also want a semi-casual flat women’s shoe. This is one that will look fine with jeans, but also classy enough to wear nicer dress pants with them as well.

If there is a must have” in women’s shoes, it is the black high heeled dress shoe. Don’t overdo it on the straps and stick to the basics. A classy black high heel shoe is a definite necessity for every woman’s shoe collection.

One of the newer styles that has become a needed shoe due to the demand for metallic accessories is the metallic high heeled shoe. There are some dresses out now that black just doesn’t go with. For those, wear the metallic pumps.

For comfort, you will want an everyday casual shoe like a sneaker or loafer. This is a personal choice as to what you feel comfortable wearing. Choose a shoe you will get the most use from.

Another popular fashion these days is the boot. Whether you choose a high heeled fashion boot or a comfortable winter type boots or even cowboy boots, these are a definite must have for the winter season. You must have at least one pair.

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