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Perfectt Golf Shoes For Better Performance On The Turf

March 13th, 2016

Perfectt Golf Shoes – For Better Performance On The Turf


Walter James

A lot of aspiring golfers enjoy the leisure and exercise that golf sport offers, but only a few pay much attention to the kind of golf shoes they purchase. People spend numerous amounts of dollars on getting exclusive memberships to golf clubs and spend hours in selecting golf equipment. While an excellent quality golf shoe selection could be your answer to many significantly better golf games.

It’s important to take into account the undeniable fact that the golf shoes anyone wear may customize the golf game you engage in and may also affect your having success like a golfer. You wander several miles along with expending an average of 3 to 5 hours on your feet when you play golf. It is usually a sound decision to buy a great pair of golf shoes not just to improve how you will have fun playing the game, but also in lessening handicap problems.

YouTube Preview Image

There are numerous guidelines you can abide by if you intend to buy a pair of golf shoes. It is very important that you just wear the identical socks you would like for ease of use in playing golf when purchasing your golf shoes. Ensure that the socks usually are not too tight. You ought to provide an allowance, about an inch from a toe into the side of the golf shoes giving place for one’s toes to go. The golf shoes really should be flexible at the time you tiptoe.

You will enjoy a lot of the support when you swing movement from the middle part of the shoe. It is very important that it’s tight in this area in comparison to how you would really feel when attempting on common golf shoes. You don’t need to panic about the firmness though, as your golf shoes will certainly stretch after having been utilized many times.

Be sure that you understand the fit. If your golf shoes are way too loose, your feet might often slide whenever you swing, making you drop your stability. But an alternative for loose golf shoes could be insoles to make them somewhat tighter.

In picking out golf shoe size; pick the sizing for ones biggest foot. It is a fact that feet aren’t exactly of the identical size and that one might be slightly bigger than the other. You could generally put an insole in the shoe with the loose fit to compensate for the difference in size.

Avoid purchasing golf shoes that are made of synthetic material for they won’t allow your feet to breathe making them smell. Leather would be a good choice since it easily adjusts to your feet giving more support. If affordability is not an issue then the water proof kind of golf shoes would also be a good option, especially when you play in muddy and or moist laden areas.

I hope by purchasing the following hints you’ll be able to obtain the ideal set of golf shoes to suit your needs.

For many hour of enjoyment you will spend on your feet on and about the golf course, it will payoff handsomely to provide your feet with good quality footware, especially

golf shoes

. Never forge

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Perfectt Golf Shoes – For Better Performance On The Turf

Pennsylvania state trooper found guilty of first-degree murder

March 10th, 2016

Friday, March 20, 2009 

In the United States, a suspended Pennsylvania state trooper has been convicted of first-degree murder for killing his girlfriend’s estranged husband.

Kevin Foley, 43, faces a mandatory life sentence without parole for slashing to death John Yelenic, a Blairsville dentist who was in the final stages of divorcing his wife, Michele. Foley’s attorney said he plans to appeal the decision. Prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.

Foley previously said he “loathed Dr. Yelenic” and asked another fellow trooper to help kill him. During his testimony, which lasted several hours, Foley claimed he was joking and had no true intention of carrying out the threat, but the Indiana County jury rejected that defense after about six hours of deliberations.

John Yelenic was found dead in his home on April 13, 2006, one day before he was planning on signing his divorce papers. Charges were brought against Foley in September 2007, more than 17 months after the murder.

Foley, who had been on suspension from the Pennsylvania State Police, was himself the final witness to take the stand Wednesday in the trial. Foley insisted he was innocent during his testimony, and even made jokes that the jury laughed at on a few occasions.

“I never made a threat with the intention of carrying it out,” Foley said under cross-examination by the prosecution.

When Senior Deputy Attorney General Anthony Krastek pressed Foley for what was funny about asking another state trooper to help him kill Yelenic, Foley answered, “There isn’t any joke. It’s just my personality, my behavior (with co-workers).”

Prosecutors said Foley killed Yelenic after going to the dentist’s house to confront him over the terms of the divorce. Prosecutors claim Foley slashed Yelenic several times with a knife and pushed his head through a small window. Yelenic bled to death.

“John has his justice tonight,” Mary Ann Clark, a cousin of Yelenic, told MSNBC. “John deserved this; he was the most wonderful person in the world. He died the most horrible death and tonight, this is his night. The system worked.”

Foley had been living with Michele Yelenic for two years at the time of the homicide. Prosecutors previously said Foley and Michele helped perpetuate rumors that Dr. Yelenic molested their son. John and Michele Yelenic had been separated in 2002. Michele Yelenic stood to collect Dr. Yelenic’s estate and a US$1 million life insurance policy, and could lose about $2,500 a month in support if the divorce was finalized, a Pennsylvania grand jury previously determined.

Michele Yelenic, who has not appeared at the trial, may face legal action herself, media reports indicated. A sentencing hearing for Foley is scheduled for June 1.

Red Shirts cause state of emergency in Thai capital

March 10th, 2016

Friday, April 9, 2010 

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in Bangkok, Thailand and its surrounding areas today with the intention of combating anti-government protesters. The proclamation was made shortly after a group of Red Shirts, the common name for a political group in Thailand, stormed parliament. Senior officials were airlifted in a Black Hawk helicopter while other ministers were forced to jump over a wall at the back of the compound. The protesters left without violence after meeting opposition from members of parliament in the building.

The declaration of a state of emergency terminated military regulations and suspended certain civil liberties; one of these being the right to public gatherings of more than five people. This is the fourth state of emergency declared in Thailand because of political turmoil. Although the army has used violence in the past, they have been largely reluctant to attack or disperse large mobs. With a disabled military, one soldier carrying an M16 rifle was forced to flee from protesters; his weapon was stolen from him after being wrestled to the ground. Prime Minister Abhisit and army officials understand that a violent clash between authorities and anti-government protesters would worsen the political climate.

The military has been cautious about taking violent action against the people, but these feelings have not been reciprocated by Red Shirts. Two policemen were harmed by a grenade explosion at the central headquarters of the Abhisit’s Democrat party in an altercation on Tuesday. These protesters view their prime minister as an “Oxford-trained economist” being controlled by an unelected cabal. The protesters have resolved that if another election went underway they would respect the results and call off further disturbances.

Crossing Geographical Boundaries For Business Through Corporate Video Services

March 10th, 2016

Submitted by: George Stephen

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February 20th, 2016

Donny When I got here, sig, myself, Mike/interdictor, and crystal were here. Then later on 3 other people joined us, Chris Anderson, Jim McCallum, and James Winston. We all rode out the storm on the 11th floor.

Donny We rode the storm out like anybody else would on the 11th floord of a building, we just had fun. We have a balcony on the 11th floor, so while the wind was blowing on the other side of the building we were on the balcony enjoying the wind and seeing things fly through the air.

<Donny> Around 6:20am we lost power so we went down to our data center which had power because we had a generator and that’s when things really started to get scary.

<Ardonik> So you were forced to ride out the rest of the hurricane from the basement level.

<Donny> We started hearing windows break, we didn’t realize that our windows were double paned, and Sig an Mike were standing about 2 feet away from one of the windows when a big piece of metal flew from somewhere and crashed into the window and broke one of the panes. That’s when our instincts took over and we started preparing for the worse.

<Ardonik> From the 11th floor? <Donny> We moved bookcases in front of the windows in the data center, which are the windows that the webcam is facing out of by the way, and we use cat-5 to type 6 of them together with a file cabinet in for good measure. We tied all of them to the door and too some shelving we had in the room as well. <Donny> Basement level? No. 10th floor. One floor down from our main office.

<Donny> The storm was real bad from about 4am until 2pm or so if I remember right. So it was a long experience. Actually, my window in my office blew out at 3:45pm, I remember that one.

<Ardonik> Ten hours. <Ardonik> Not an experience most of us would care to repeat! <Donny> The windows in our build room, where we have been staying never completely broke both panes. So the bookcases didn’t really help any. But we did lose 4 windows inside the data center itself. But we did have a wall between the windows and the datacenter anyway. So nothing was effected. <Ardonik> Now, you were basically barred in the data center. Was internet or phone working during that time? <Ardonik> Where you able to call loved ones and tell them where you were?

<Donny> Internet was up, all of the fiber is under ground here. Phones were down. There were aboput 100 other people from other companies and building engineering that rode out the storm in the building as well.

<Ardonik> Donny: Okay, so there were a lot of people in that building. <Ardonik> I’m really glad you all made it.

<Donny> There were no calls in or out for at least 3 days. Except, my dada could always get through to me for some reason, it was really weird. So he told everybody how everything was going.

<Donny> Originally. But most left after the first day of no power.

<Chiacomo> Where was your dad calling from?

<Ardonik> With its underground fiber intact, did your data center never lose connectivity as a result of Katrina?

<Ardonik> What I’d like to know is how “interdictor” turned from a small group of people around the country into what’s essentially a household name at this point. <Wohali> ardonik: /. posting I think did it first. (check when the /. post happened)

mike(interdictor) did LJ to share w/friends

snaxxy I am here through a livejournal connection- when I first “friended” interdictor, he had a little over 200 friends and from there entered into irc. I consider myself to be a irc fledgling, but the wonderful folks here have been extremely patient and helpful with my learning curve.

selcouth says first LJ post was http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/2005/08/27/

Moved to IRC after LJ became too large (due to /.)

<Wohali> Once they finally got him out of St. Bernard Parish via helicopter, they simply dropped him at an I-10 intersection, where he waited alone for hours until a passing ambulance driver took pity on him. Wohali The logistics are more FUBAR than is widely reported; CNN/etc got the hype correct but they have been focusing on the high-visibility efforts Wohali ardonik: Everything is summarized in the blog. Ardonik Wohali: noted. Wohali Monday.

<snaxxy> I am in Austin, TX, and am helping the Capital Area Food Bank with their relief efforts, when I am not at my day job. The food bank took in 1.5 million pounds of food last Saturday- some of that was directly airdropped to I-10, Baton Rouge, NOLA, other areas of LA, and Mississippi…One load was picked up by a group of Marines, who’ve been working non-stop. They would not accept any of the supplies, only food, (diapers, bottled water) only food (canned meats, granola bars), ready to eat was the highest priority.

www.atypical.net/mm/nagin.mp3 = mayor of NOLA interview

Ardonik Is #interdictor directly involved in relief efforts now? and in what way?

Wohali Ardonik: The scanner channels that we transcribe, we get that info directly to various RL contacts (e.g. thru snaxxy) as well as inform those who live in the area (e.g. interdicter, other channel denizens) Wohali these are pasted to #interdictor-digest, which is logged as well Wohali the log: http://nola.heavycomputing.ca/%23interdictor-digest.html

Ardonik Wohali: so your job is to take the RL scanner feeds and translate them on IRC ’round the clock?

Wohali That is one of the largest efforts under way here. Unfortunately we do not have enough volunteers to keep transcribing every feed we find. Wohali Our greatest need are folks who can volunteer 1 or 2 hours to help transcribe

Donny ok. I can continue now. The 82nd airborne played a surprise raid on our data center while half of our people were sleeping. Don’t like having guns pointed at my head. Ardonik Wohali, snaxxy: wow.

Ardonik Donny: are you telling me that you were raided during this interview? Amgine Donny: May I ask, how is DirectNIC planning to deal with the current “Forced Evacuation” orders? snaxxy [will address untaken supplies after Donny] Ardonik snaxxy: go ahead Donny Yes. We were raided. They saw our light on. Ardonik snaxxy: well, wait for Donny Ardonik Donny: are they telling you to evacuate? Donny Amgine: There is a forced evacuation of citizens of New Orleans. We are part of the rebuilding team. We are excluded. Now our employees can’t go hang out at their houses though. Amgine <nod> So, in effect, you’re being quarrantied? Donny We don’t have to evacuate. Ardonik Donny: for the record, what was the loca time when the 82nd airborne visited you? Ardonik *local Donny We just can’t live in the city, that’s basically it. Donny 12:45am. Donny They were “protecting the security of the city”. Donny Sorrry. Ardonik Donny: where is your crew living? At the datacenter, or do some of them go home? Ardonik Donny: don’t apologize. Donny They were “protecting the security of the city and the building.” Amgine <grin> It is good to know we have such protections in force, yes? Ardonik Donny: and now that the order has been given to evacuate all non-rebuilding personnel, are you stranded in the city? Donny We live in the data center. I sleep in a closet. I sleep on 3 leather couch cushions that are taped together with duct tape. Sig does the same. Mike and Crystal have an air mattress I think.

Ardonik Donny: so the military and NOPD are providing security to your area. Donny Cat-5 cable is good for belts though. Sig didn’t bring a belt, so cat-5 works great. Ardonik I can just imagine wearing a cat…never mind Amgine <chuckle> Donny NOPD, NYPD, about a million different police forces are here. Plus the miliatry. Ardonik Donny: so you’re not affected by either the raid or the forced evacuation. Ardonik Donny: and your team will be allowed to continue its work? Donny No, I’m not affected. They are just a bunch of kids doing their job. I could see their scared faces. Donny Yes, we will continue to do our jobs. Ardonik Okay.

Ardonik Next question is for snaxxy. Ardonik I’m guessing you’re the one who’s obtaining the feeds that the interdictor team transcribes? Ardonik snaxxy: how are the transcribed feeds being used?

snaxxy I am not the best to address that- as I’ve said iirc, I’m more of people focused than computer, but this has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the best! Wohali Ardonik: I can take part of that question. Our weblogs show that some of the large news agencies have been scouring our logs for info to report Wohali ardonik: As for local agencies, we have tried our best to coordinate with, say, St. Bernard parish (my childhood home) but it is VERY difficult to stay in touch Ardonik Wohali: so you’re essentially providing a primary source to worldwide news agencies about the NOLA situation. Wohali Yes, for sure. Ardonik Wohali: and when something happens on the ground, you report it first. Ardonik Essentially. Ardonik Wohali: no one is compensating any of you for this, correct? michaelloftis [ feeds come from various volunteers on the internet…are mirrored to higher bw servers and then transcribed by our volunteers ]

snaxxy Ardonik: and it’s also helped us communicate with necessary authorities as needed – although I represent myself as an individual, I have the knowledge of how to feed important information to the authorities who might be concerned. Ardonik snaxxy: can you describe this in more detail? Ardonik How has providing the feeds helped you get in touch with necessary authorities when needed?

Ardonik Can I also ask if the interdictor channels have been used to connect loved ones and handle other non-official matters? Donny Can I answer this? Ardonik Donny: go right ahead Donny About 5 days ago, one of our building tenants was wanting to come in and get some servers out of our building. He found us via the interdictor channel. Ardonik Without #interdictor, the servers would still be in your building. Ardonik What were they used for? Donny The only reason why it was funny is that he also has 3 porsches and 1 300z in the garage. And they are 50 feet away from our generator and we see them all of the time. We even had taken pictures of them. And when he asked if his cars were ok, and he said that was them were were amazed, he’s taking me for a ride in a few weeks. Donny Yes. His servers would still be here. Ardonik Thanks for reminding me about the pictures.  🙂 Donny They run some type of oil field company, not sure exactly.

Ardonik Thanks for reminding me about the pictures.  🙂 Donny They run some type of oil field company, not sure exactly. Ardonik I saw them yesterday in a blog link. Are those being taken by your group, too? Donny The pictures? Ardonik Yes. Donny Yes, those are all from us. Ardonik I was trying to dig up the link before the interview. Can you remind our readers again? Donny There really isn’t one page, http://www.sigmund.biz/ is a good start. selcouth (http://sigmund.biz/kat is the main picture link, there are other mirrors everywhere)

snaxxy regarding the Marines “untaken” goods?

snaxxy Not untaken, so much as they didn’t need to accept for that particular pickup on Saturday. The food bank was scheduled to be closed Sunday and Monday for the holidays- and rightly so, because their staff have been working 12-14 hour days. Food is still moving in and out of our food bank.

snaxxy CAFB [austinfoodbank.org] is working with Second Harvest to move food where needed- emergency shelters, including Austin and Baton Rouge, and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank has set up a secondary site, in Baker, LA. Here in Austin Home Depot donated an old site, which is where the bulk of donations are being processed through.

snaxxy The outpouring from our community is staggering- an emergency call for help at the Austin Convention Center shelter went out on a local TV station during a 10 o’clock broadcast, for 200 volunteers- by midnight 1000 people showed up to help. snaxxy But this is a mere glimpse, this is going on nationwide. If you want to talk about interconnectivity? Myspace bulletins have been flooded with volunteer calls, benefits, housing availability… Ardonik snaxxy: outstanding! snaxxy Heck, I received a Myspace bulletin from George Salisbury of the Flaming Lips regarding a collection of goods in Norman, OK, and when I requested it be substantiated, he quickly provided the necessary information. Ardonik snaxxy: did Austim become a major focal point for getting needed supplies into NOLA and other flooded areas? Ardonik *Austin. snaxxy A local musicians coop which was trying to fill apts, opened their facilities to NOLA musicians as well. Ardonik snaxxy: in addition to all the displaced residents of NOLA itself, many of whom are being moved to Texas. snaxxy Ardonik: Well, I don’t know what’s going on with the other areas of the state, but I do know that Austin has been the hub for most of Central Texas snaxxy okay, that gave me the chills… Ardonik snaxxy: and you’ve been at the center of it all.  🙂 Ardonik I don’t wish to spread the cold. snaxxy you know what makes it worthwhile? Ardonik What? snaxxy to come home tonight, exhausted, little sleep- at my day job, than to a special site that Home depot donated to CAFB to use? snaxxy and helping out here to keep tempers in check? snaxxy the smile on the face of my new neighbor- a close friend just moved out, and said she hoped some nice people moved in…Today a family from NOLA moved in. snaxxy I said hello…. Ardonik snaxxy: a displaced family from NOLA now lived nextdoor to you? snaxxy to see that UT Medical Branch has a large RV with dental services outside of the Austin Convention Center. Amgine Sorry to break in, but are there photos of the DirectNIC people/spaces which are licensed under a free license like CC? snaxxy yes, they moved in this morning.

Ardonik Where do you guys see interdector heading in the next few weeks? Ardonik When do you anticipate a return to normalcy? Will there every be a return to normalcy? Donny I have no idea where interdictor will go over the next week. It was started as just a way for Mike to tell his family how the storm was and if he was doing ok. As things change so with the blog.

Wohali Ardonik: Most importantly I want to thank every single volunteer who has come in, provided information reports, done transcription, helped maintain the wiki, provided us with links to their own efforts, and the like. Without you we couldn’t have gotten as far as we did. Even those who have come online to chat with the direcNIC staff, they’ve been invaluable in keeping spirits high! 🙂 Donny The biggest thing the city needs is just a good cleaning. Once that is done, the levee system needs to be rebuilt from scratch, if not, we should just tear the city down. Engineers shoudl rebuild this city, not politicans.

Ardonik This isn’t anything formal. Just a way to prevent me from having to annoy snaxxy and DamYankee with extra questions. 🙂 Ardonik If I was to point my readers to a homepage for your team, which URL should I use? DamYankee its also private which may or may not b important Ardonik Oh, it’s unimportant Ardonik I know about the wiki–should I use that? snaxxy DamYankee? DamYankee im not even here <g> but yeh the wiki is fine just “not” the admin wiki ok snaxxy snaxxy rity o

Ardonik Where is Camp Crystal located? DamYankee im sure wohali will have to get a bunch of data from the admin wiki but im not sure how much is private so we will let wohali decide re that issue Ardonik I’m not asking for any private wiki or anything snaxxy yeah, i feel more comfortable with that- since i’m not directnic…but am a contributor to nola-intel Ardonik Just a public place that you could say is the center of your efforts

Ardonik http://wiki.nola-intel.org/? DamYankee btw snaxxy logan might be useful in collecting some of those links if you catch him b4 he jets off to sleep snaxxy dang, someone gussied it up, but i need to get some info up… Ardonik You all need sleep 🙂 snaxxy http://wiki.nola-intel.org Ardonik Alright snaxxy tell me about it, but i’ve still got to respond and schedule food bank volunteers- i’m providing secondary support to the Director of Volunteer Services at CAFB Ardonik snaxxy: this being in addition to the regular work you’re doing? snaxxy yep Ardonik AND the IRC stuff DamYankee snaxxy is a regular saint

snaxxy yeah, but i’ve been in such a zone for days, i didn’t realize until today that i had forgotten to drop off the rent check Ardonik Just curious–where is Camp Crystal? I’ll read the wiki if the information is on there. snaxxy DOH! snaxxy its on Poydras… DamYankee oh qwuit that you know that aint your favorite color :-)) Ardonik snaxxy: who can think of rent at a time like this snaxxy one sec snaxxy not me, obviously snaxxy but I apologized and explained why, and when i asked how to pay, she said…the usual. snaxxy nice lady!! Ardonik snaxxy: that’s good 🙂 Ardonik I’m misusing your -media channel, aren’t I snaxxy i think there is a post that has some of the FAQs snaxxy one sec…. Ardonik Ooh, I’d love to have that pic of the team from Camp Crystal about now 🙂 DamYankee actually ardonik this is what this channel was put here for so please continue Ardonik I never caught selcouth’s name Ardonik I’ll use selcouth if I don’t have permission to publish it. snaxxy 650 Poydras – Poydras Center Ardonik snaxxy: thank you. snaxxy the FAQs are actually someone’s comment to a post, and appeared on the first page…but can’t seem to find Ardonik snaxxy: I really appreciate you going through the effort to find them for me. Ardonik I guess this is the place: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=650+Poydras+St,+New+Orleans,+LA+70130&spn=0.017981,0.034573&hl=en

snaxxy darnit snaxxy not as much info as i remembered snaxxy http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/46171.html?thread=3187803#t3187803 Ardonik Did the “Camp Crystal” moniker come about before or after the storm? snaxxy sorry

snaxxy after Ardonik Who came up with it? Ardonik Bah, well, of course it was after, but I meant before or after interdictor became the huge thing it is right now. Ardonik snaxxy: thanks for the link. snaxxy http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/27085.html Ardonik snaxxy: in other words, directnic.com.  🙂 snaxxy heh, sorry sleepy

snaxxy but thought the slogan was worth sharing Ardonik snaxxy: don’t stay up on my account. Please get rest! Ardonik If I need more information, I can always bug you later. I’m starting to write the article in my userspace now.  🙂 snaxxy k Ardonik If I don’t need to be in -media, I’ll leave. I got most of my questions answered

snaxxy kewl DamYankee nite ardonik snaxxy nice to meet you, and thanks Ardonik Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

State of emergency declared in New York over H1N1 swine flu virus

February 20th, 2016

Thursday, October 29, 2009 

According to US health officials, New York state governor David Paterson has declared a state of emergency in the state as a result of the H1N1 swine flu outbreak.

The Associated Press news agency reports that the six-page declaration was issued because at least 75 people have died of H1N1 related illnesses in New York since April. Three have died from H1N1 related illnesses just this past week. The declaration also says that human cases of the virus are on the rise.

Paterson says he issued the declaration because “a disaster has occurred throughout New York State, for which the affected local governments are unable to respond adequately.”

The declaration will allow health officials more access to the H1N1 vaccine and the seasonal flu shot. It will also allow for an increase in the number of vaccine doses available in the state and will allow more health care facilities to administer the vaccine, including dentists and pharmacists. Schools with health centers will also be allowed to administer both vaccines.

Despite the declaration, officials stressed that there is no reason to worry. A spokeswoman for the New York State Department of Health, Claire Pospisil, said that “it [the declaration] helps us to be more prepared.”

The order came shortly after US president Barack Obama declared a national emergency last Saturday, a response to the spreading of the virus, which has now been circulated in 46 states.

User:RockerballAustralia/Story preparation/Investigation into online film distribution in Australia

February 20th, 2016

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 

With the Australian dollar “strong” against the world’s major currencies, the local film industry has suffered as a result. As of this report, $A1 is roughly equal to $US0.9874

“It’s killing us all,” Tony Clark, co-founder of Rising Sun Pictures, said. Rising Sun is the organisation working on digital effects of the Harry Potter and Green Lantern films. “We have existing contracts that are in play that are hedged but finding new business is just diabolical at the moment.”

Wikinews reporter Patrick Gillett looks into other, cheaper methods of promoting the Australian film industry. On October 7, was equivelent to roughly 98.73 US cents – give or take a fraction of a cent either side during the day.

Australia’s film industry is generally grouped with those that benefit from a low – or weak – Australian dollar. It relies on government grants and international investment.

“The industry is in crisis and in real pain but we can’t tell the real story without sending your international customers running,” another film executive told The Australian newspaper.

Australian television productions are propped up by a local production quota, wihch applies to free to air networks, set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. The quota, which is set to 55% of all programming between six in the morning to midnight, is split into three sub quotas – adult drama, documentary and children.

To fulfill these sub genres, broadcasters have to broadcast 20 hours of documentaries, 25 hours of childrens drama and 860 “points” of adult drama. The adult drama score is worked out as format factor x duration (in hours).

The Australian reported that subscription television services invested $541.4 million in Australian television content.

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data, there are approximately 2500 businesses providing film and video production and post-production services.

Many low budget filmmakers use standard definition cameras. The tape based MiniDV format is popular with some filmakers as tapes generally have a longer life span and are harder to damage.

However, memory card and hard drive based camera’s are also becoming popular. This is due in part to the lack of needing to transfer footage to a computer for editing.

National governing bodies, such as the Australian Football League, oppose “monetisation” of what they see as their ittelectual property rights.

During a senate enquiry into sport reporting, the point was made that “[the AFL’s] complaint is how, when you get beyond the elements of that [news] package—for instance, footage—it could be subsequently exploited.”

AFL chief operating officer Gillon McLachlan responded to this point saying, “[i]n the end what we are talking about is the question of balance. Through our history of accrediting journalists and promoting coverage of our sport we need, want and encourage the widest possible coverage of our game. The issue is where that bleeds over into media organisations doing what they do, monetising that content and essentially monetising our intellectual property.”

Wikinews coverage of local sport, including the Gippsland Football League 2010 season and recent Sunshine Coast Rugby Union matches, has included video and photographic coverage.

Major film studios, such as Paramount, have their films distributed through the iTunes Store and other such services.

However, some pointed to Apples “aggressive” pricing structure cutting into profit margins. The DIY Flmmaking Sucks blog published an article in 2007 which stated, “… let’s pretend [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs is egalitarian and charges everyone … 30% to get onto iTunes. [I]f your film costs $250,000 to make and market then you’ll need to sell around 180,000 downloads on iTunes before you see a profit on such a film at $1.99 per download. That’s a lot of viewers. Far too many for most small DIY films.”

Studio films cost around $30 and would find it easier to get a profit due to marketing leverage. Indie films usually do not have such leverage and would cost close to the $1.99 quoted by DIY Flmmaking Sucks.

A developing method of distributing is being experimented with, trying to merge the technology of bitTorrent with corporate profitability. The tool is currently only available as a Firefox plugin – even then only in version 3.x.

The Wikimedia Foundation announced that it is working with “swarming” communication technologists to make use of the Swarmplayer plugin on it’s sites, including this one, to play it’s videos.

“Eventually bandwidth costs could saturate the foundation budget or leave less resources for other projects and programs,” the Foundation wrote on it’s tech blog. “For this reason it is important to start exploring and experimenting with future content distribution platforms and partnerships.”

Australian content producers face similar challenges to those of the Wikimedia Foundation. They do not always have enough money or resources to distribute online, particularly if they host the content on ther own servers.

The exact business model is for distributing films in this way is not entirely clear, but one method is understood is to include some type of promotion for investors.

Torrents may be used as promotional tools. TorrentFreak points out “[t]he more hype their movie gets early on, the greater the chance of someone wanting to buy the DVD or go see it in the cinema.”

Another way of monetising free downloads has been Digital on-screen graphics. Traditionally these graphics are used to identify the television channel being watched or promote an upcoming show.

Critisism of on-screen graphics relates to timing and placement of them. Michael Simkins of The Telegraph has noted that even a graphic lasting thirty seconds can ruin the enjoyment of a programme.


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How To Obtain A Patent: The Inner Workings Of The U.S. Patent Office

February 19th, 2016

By Paul Johnson

The United States works differently than other countries

when it comes to giving patents. In the U.S., it doesn’t necessarily matter who first applied for the patent (the process may take up to a year to complete). What does matter, however, is who came up with the original composite for the invention first. If an inventor can prove that s/he came up with a tangible product before someone else, then they will be granted the right to the patent.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s best, given the information above, to sketch your idea for a product with descriptions on how it works. Then, the inventor, along with two witnesses should sign and date it in front of an official notary. Following, keep the composite in a safe location while you are applying for the provisional or regular patent, while working on your invention. A provisional patent application from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provides a confirmation to the date when the invention was first invented, or when the composite was completed. This way the inventor doesn’t have to necessarily have completed the invention in its entirety. The inventor needs to file a regular patent application with the USPTO within one year of the provisional application. An inventor, once ready to fully patent his invention, may have to hire an official patent attorney or agent. Then, the patent attorney or agent can conduct a search which checks to see that the invention is original, and that it hasn’t already been filed. Once the uniqueness of the new invention is confirmed, the inventor has to fill out a specification (or description), two or more composites and an official claim form. Once the application is received at the Patent and Trademark Office, an examiner will complete another search of records to be sure that the invention hasn’t already been patented. If there are no problems, the inventor will receive a “notice of allowance”. This means that the inventor will soon receive his/her patent number once certain fees are paid in full. If there are problems with determining the original quality of a product or composite, then appeals can be made within the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. Following, if this proves no avail, claims can be taken to court.

About the Author: Paul Johnson works as a software developer. Over the last

ten years, he’s made a variety of inventions which he’s patented. He shares his experiences and advice in a series of articles about us patent searches and patent applications. Discover valuable advice and information about patent searches and applications. Website contains useful articles about us patent searches & applications.us-patentsearch.com/us-patent-office.html



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High Court of Australia dismisses appeal against conviction, compulsory voting

February 19th, 2016

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 

Last Friday, following over two years of lawsuit over failure to participate in general election, Anders Holmdahl attended a High Full Court of Australia hearing with an audio-link from Canberra to Adelaide, South Australia, claiming voting is a right, not a duty, citing the Australian constitution. However the Justices dismissed the application for leave to appeal against conviction, ruling it had “no prospect of success” over a point that the Commonwealth Electoral Act was enacted within power.

Anders Holmdahl was represented by Kevin Borick, QC, the president of the Australian Criminal Lawyers Association, throughout the process.

Anders Holmdahl cited “fundamental distinction” between the words vote, which he defined as “exercise of free will”; right, “something you are privileged to be granted”; and duty, “something you are required to do”. After a 20-minute discourse with the lawyer representing the applicant, Justice Kenneth Hayne said, “An appeal to this Court would enjoy no prospect of success. Special leave to appeal is refused.” and adjourned the Court. Justices Stephen Gageler, Patrick Keane were also present at the hearing and participated in the verbal discourse, also enquiring the lawyer about their reasoning but not specifying reasons other than what Hayne J said. Wikinews contacted both Anders Holmdahl and the High Court and confirmed there was no other documentation of reasons behind the judgment.

The standard High Court procedures involve hearing each matter by a single Justice and only escalating it after a special leave to appeal is granted. The current case had been irregular, as the matter had been escalated to the Full Court (three Justices) directly.

The appeal also had exhausted lower means of appeal before being lodged in High Court; the Supreme Court of South Australia had dismissed it on September 24, 2012. It cited that the Australian Constitution allows each state to enact their own election laws, and the Federal Parliament has the power to make laws “with respect to … matters in respect of which this Constitution makes provision until the Parliament otherwise provides”. The Court concluded that the Commonwealth Electoral Act was legislation enacted within power.

Prior to escalation to the Supreme Full Court of South Australia, in May 2012, a single Justice Gray had forwarded the matter for consideration of Full Court (three Judges) at his discretion. This happened several months after a Magistrate had recorded the conviction following a trial in February 2012. Anders Holmdahl originally pleaded not guilty during his first Magistrates court appearance in December 2011 regarding the August 21, 2010 election.

The electoral system of Australia requires all citizens to enroll. Then they must vote at each general election — election of members of the House of Representatives and Senate of the Parliament of Australia. At the time of the election, Anders Holmdahl was enrolled as an elector on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll for the Division of Hindmarsh.

The High Full Court hearing was a last instance of appeal with further escalation only possible at international level. Anders Holmdahl had decided to take the case before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Assassinated lawyer accuses Guatemalan president from beyond grave

February 19th, 2016

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 

In a videotape recorded prior to his murder on Sunday, Guatemalan lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg accused President of Guatemala Álvaro Colom and his wife Sandra Torres of complicity in his violent death.

“If you are watching this message,” Rosenberg told the camera, “it is because I was assassinated by President Álvaro Colom with help from [private secretary to the president] Gustavo Alejos.”

In the video, distributed at his funeral, Rosenberg attributed the motive of the incipient murder to his representation of businessman Khalil Musa. Musa and his daughter Marjorie were murdered in April. Rosenberg alleged that Musa was killed because he was unwilling to enter into corrupt dealings at the behest of president Colom.

Presidential spokesperson Fernando Barrillas categorically rejected the accusations. “This reveals the intention of creating a political crisis around a case that should be investigated and processed by the courts,” he said in a statement posted on the official web site of the Guatemalan government. Barrillas also announced the intention to seek international help in the investigation of Rosenberg’s murder.

Rosenberg was shot on Sunday while riding his bicycle in Zone 14 of Guatemala City. His video statement has been posted to the YouTube web site.

Helen Mack of the Myrna Mack Foundation, a Guatemalan Human Rights organization, called for the video to be authenticated by experts, describing the investigation of the accusations as “rather difficult at a political level.”((Translated from Spanish))

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